The aim of the scheme, which operates throughout Europe, is to recognise, encourage and support young people who are actively involved in the welfare of the community, supporting the best of our Lions’ ideals. In previous years, candidates have been involved in helping young and older people, disabled, able bodied and disadvantaged and have organised projects in conservation, crime prevention, promoting healthier lifestyles, hospital radio and other initiatives.

Rules and Selection Process

A year is 1st July in any year to 30th June in the following year.

The scheme is open to Candidates of either sex within the age limits set out below.

To be eligible, candidates must have reached their 15th birthday, but not their 19th birthday, on or before 30th June in the year in which the MD (MD stands for “Multiple District” which covers all Lions Districts in the British Isles) Final is to be held.

Candidates will progress through the various levels (Club, Zone, Region and District) up to the MD Final. The MD Final winner will progress to the European Final to be held at Europa Forum.

The qualities on which the judges reach their decision must take into account:

  • The extent of the candidate’s involvement in community service, for which 50% of the marks are allocated.
  • The personality and leadership qualities of the candidate (15% of the marks).
  • The candidate’s proposals for the use of the bursary (15% of the marks).
  • The ability to speak for up to 3 minutes about the candidate’s service activities (20% of the marks).

The Young Ambassador of the 21st Century award consists of:

  • A bursary of £1,500 (£500 as a District winner plus £1,000 as an MD winner)
  • A trophy to be held for one year
  • A small replica
  • A commitment to address the MD Convention in that year, with expenses paid by the MD Youth Trust.
  • An invitation to the MD International Youth Centre of that year, with expenses paid by the MD Youth Trust.

A commitment to participate in the Young Ambassador of the 21st Century European award, to be held at Europa Forum later in the same year, with expenses paid by the MD Youth Trust.

All other participants in the MD Final will win a bursary of £500. Candidates may be awarded further prizes at the discretion of their sponsoring club and District.

Important Note – the winners’ bursaries are to be used for the welfare work within the candidates’ projects or for training to develop the candidates’ potential to carry out this welfare work. These bursaries are not intended to be for the personal financial benefit of the candidates. The only personal benefit to be derived is the encouragement of character development through participation in the scheme.