We have been involved in organising and running local Quiz Nights in Clacton for over 20 years and currently run at least six every year.

The Quiz Nights have their own website operated by our own quizmaster, Lion Adrian M Robinson, at www.quizline.org.uk.  

We also sell a Quiz Sheet with Cash Prizes between July and December each year.  In recent years this has raised over £2,000 each year for charities supported by each year’s President.  Most recently, the Messy Church for Adults and Children with Special Needs and Disabilities received £2,500 at a recent event from the 2016 Quiz Sheet which was all about Cities in North America.

Recent Quiz Sheets are to be found on the Quizline website for download though the correct answers are only available for a donation of a minimum of £2.

These Quiz Nights usually get booked up by organisations at least a year ahead and currently we are looking at finalising our 2018 calendar by the Summer of 2017.

If your Charitable Organisation would like to be considered for a Quiz Night please e-mail: quizmaster@quizline.org.uk.